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Marketers On a Mission
Our team of digital marketing specialists strives to consistently deliver exceptional campaign results combining modern digital strategy with our vast experience. We will help you build sustainable, meaningful relationships with your clients.
Who We Are
Stack Digital was founded by Matt Antonino, a full stack digital marketing specialist and entrepreneur. We are passionate about building businesses through exceptional marketing.
Our Company's Values
We PUSH four core values: Performance, Usefulness, Smart decision-making and Honesty.
Why Stack Digital?
Our holistic digital marketing work, from photography and blog articles, through full stack, multichannel marketing campaigns, is what separates us from other marketing agencies. Our team of specialists are experienced professionals at bringing you business results.
What We Do
We are more than a re-branded SEO agency. Full service agencies are growing but unlike most, we have the expertise & resources to successfully manage multichannel marketing.
How We Do It
Our network and marketing education backgrounds give us an edge when recruiting, strategising or implementing marketing plans. We create custom digital campaigns for each client not relying on a template that doesn’t work for everyone.

Call us today at +0403-515-044 or Email us at hq@stackdigital.com.au

We’re all in with you. Our team only succeeds when yours does. Your future is our future.

Our Clients

  • The Independent (UK)
  • Groupon
  • HSBC Bank
  • AudioVox
  • USA Today
  • Time Warner Cable
  • Animal Planet
  • Newsweek
  • Livestrong Foundation
  • Recipe.com
  • Forbes Magazine
  • Discovery Channel
  • Hotels.com
  • Best Buy
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