How Do I Rank My Website?

Help! How do I rank on page 1 of Google?

Business owners often want to rank on Page 1 of Google but don't know how to start improving their own search engine optimisation (SEO).  We have five quick tips to help you get started in your quest for those first page rankings. 

  • Write Clean & Clear Page Titles
  • ​Page Speed Matters
  • ​Avoid Duplication, Duplication, Duplication
  • Optimise For the User First
  • Hire a Great SEO Agency

​Write Clean & Clear Page Titles

Page titles should describe what your business does and where you work. If you sell products online it can describe your main product line or include your branding in the homepage title. Page titles should not be too long or too short, should not repeat the same keyword over & over again and should ultimately serve the user's interest first.

Google is primarily interested in ranking sites that are directly responsible for one very narrow area of product or service. Look at the businesses currently on page 1 for your main term. Do you see many "strange" results? Everything should seem like it belongs there. These are relevant, expert sites related to the main topic. The titles reflect the content and should be very highly related to your search term.

Below are three good page titles along with three that violate the above rules. 

Good SEO Page Titles

  • Stack Digital: Melbourne Digital Marketing Consultant & SEO Agency
  • Melbourne Doctors & Dentists | Medical Clinics in Melbourne AU
  • Wedding Photographers Sydney | Portrait Photography in Sydney

Bad SEO Page Titles

  • SEO Agency, SEO, SEO Services, SEO Consultant
  • Doctors in Melbourne, Dentists and Clinics in Melbourne, AU | Doctors Melbourne | Dentists Melbourne
  • Jay’s

Page Speed Matters

Page speed is a confirmed Google ranking factor so in order to rank highly for your main and most competitive keyword terms you will need a fast loading and well-built website. The higher competition your industry is, the tougher getting ranked on page 1 is going to be. You will need to use every ranking factor you can to establish yourself as a leading website.

We use a tool called Pingdom to check our own site:

As you can see our site loads in under 3 seconds and even though we are using a nice, large header image it is under 2 MB filesize. Keep your images optimised for the web, reduce page size as much as you can and have your developer follow the Google guidelines when it comes to optimising your javascript, css and other resources that must be pulled from the server when your page loads. 

Avoid Duplication, Duplication, Duplication

Duplicate content is a problem for Google. While you won't technically "get a penalty" for having duplicate content on your website, you will have to compete directly with the duplicate content.

Say, for instance, that you resell Amazon products. If you don't change the product information, you are competing directly with Amazon and thousands of resellers who use the same product information.

If you change that information, on the other hand, you're competing with very few people. Instead of Google putting Amazon on page 1 and you on page 100, you may be competing for a handful of other spots on Page 1 & Page 2 where there's the opportunity for your unique content to be seen.

This also works for page topics. Don't duplicate your page topics across all your website pages. If you're a photographer have just one dedicated page per location & topic. Syracuse Wedding Photographer should not be found on every page of your site. Mix and match your terms. CNY wedding photography is just as valuable a term.

Optimise For the User First

Google is continually attempting to make the user experience better. They are very smart people working very hard to make their site deliver the best user results possible. Instead of attempting tricks, SEO magic or cheats simply do what they want. Swim with the tide. 

Great user experience may be expert content, answering the question accurately & quickly, delivering a long-lasting & entertaining experience or just having a fast-loading website that helps people navigate and find what they need faster. Ultimately everything you do on your site should lead to a better outcome for the client. 

Hire a Great SEO Agency

Ultimately, learning SEO may not be how you want to spend your nights and weekends. You may find it easier and smarter to outsource things you don't want to do, like marketing or technical SEO work. If that's the case, just hit the orange button below, fill in your details and we'll get back to you asap to help you achieve your goal of Page 1 rankings on Google.

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