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Marketing CampaignsSEO, PPC, Social, Email

Yearly or Monthly Campaigns
  • Multichannel Campaign Strategy
  • Keyword Research
  • Baseline SEO Ranking Report
  • On Page Auditing & Optimisation
  • Weekly & Monthly Reporting
  • SEO, PPC, Email & Social Setup
  • Content Creation & Promotion

Marketing ConsultingWe Solve Marketing Problems

One-time or Ongoing Consulting
  • Qualified, Certified Experts
  • Skype, In-Office or Phone from 30 mins.
  • Frequent Marketing Q&A Sessions
  • PAYG or Retainer Pricing
  • On Location Training Available
  • Team Marketing Training
  • From Analytics to Zapier, we can help!

Monitor Your MarketingTrack & Report Marketing Results

Weekly or Monthly Monitoring Services
  • Monitor SEO Rankings & Backlinks
  • Segment Results by Custom Timeframes
  • PPC Results Reporting & Monitoring
  • Built-in Google Analytics & Search Console
  • Goals, Ecommerce Tracking & Demographics
  • Social Media Overviews
  • Automated Reporting – Email & PDFs

Your Marketing by Real Marketing Experts

Learn More About Our Qualified Marketers with Provable Knowledge & Skills

Local Search Optimisation

Maximise your presence in the Google local results. Jump to page 1 and skip the queue with our Google Maps optimisation services.

SEO Link Building

Worried about how your SEO company builds links? There is no working model for “one size fits all” link building. Work with us to create a personalised strategy.

Social Media for Business

Treat your social media like you mean business and generate a strong positive ROI on social media with the right strategy. 

Content Creation & Distribution

Content is more than rewriting your web pages. We help build your blog, write newsletters or design your new infographic & the job isn’t done at creation. We can help you with distribution.

SEM & Paid Advertising

Yes, we can help you optimise your Adwords. We also handle Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn ads. Our strategists can help you optimise StumbleUpon, Pinterest & other paid search marketing channels.

Email List Building

The money is in the list but your marketing agency helped you optimise your email marketing? We will help create your lead magnets & design your landing pages. Then we’ll help you market to that list.

Our Clients

  • Time Warner Cable
  • Livestrong Foundation
  • Best Buy
  • AudioVox
  • Groupon
  • Animal Planet
  • Discovery Channel
  • The Independent (UK)
  • Newsweek
  • HSBC Bank
  • Forbes Magazine
  • USA Today

Still Have Questions?

How do we create content for our “boring industry”?
First of all, there are no boring industries. Anyone who thinks this is not being creative. There is a whole TV show about dirty jobs that millions of people love. "No one will share a blog about garbage men" someone once told us. A Pinterest search for "garbage can" however revealed the truth: thousands and thousands of custom garbage cans, things to do with garbage cans, storing smelly garbage - people have A LOT of garbage related problems.  Oh - you can also grow potatoes in garbage cans, in case you didn't know.  And there are Lego garbage men.
How can I help? Should I buy some links?
No! Do not buy links. Do not buy links from that email. Or that Fiverr gig. Please do not do this. If you want to help your SEO campaign, please ask your campaign manager for more involvement in the strategy and execution of your campaign. We can guide you toward content creation & promotion, networking & social media, doing some legwork & research to help your business and many other things you can do along the way to help your marketing grow. But please don't "buy some links" to try and help.
How much will SEO cost?
Nobody likes the answer to this question but it's the only honest answer: it depends. If you engage Stack Digital for a simple SEO campaign targeted to hyper-local suburbs around keywords such as "dog walking Cranbourne" it's going to cost you around $250-300 a month. If you want to rank for "buy shoes" it will be a couple thousand dollars a month and likely bundled with other services. If you want to rank for "hotel," let's leave that at it won't cost $300 a month. Also, price depends on the length of time you wish to contract for. Our standard arrangements are 12-month deals but we're open to month-to-month (costs more) and longer commitments (2-5 years) that will cost significantly less over time. The only way to know for your own campaign is to contact us.
How often should I email my list?
Your own email analytics should give you a good indication on how often to email your list but the CrazyEgg blog made a handy chart that gives some guidelines. We really like this regressing system and recommend something like it for your business. howoften
Does my content need to be unique?
If you want your web pages or blog articles to rank organically, ideally they should be unique, yes. While it is possible to outrank duplicate content on another website it is much better and has longer-term success to invest in unique content. This is especially true for ecommerce web stores which tend to share product descriptions and titles across their own site as well as thousands more. You are not going to outrank Amazon, Polyvore or Asos so create unique content to offer something new. Your landing page content does not need to be unique if it's not meant to rank. Directing paid ads there? Deindex the page and focus only on traffic specifically driven to that page. duplicate content seo
What’s the difference between Paid Ads, PPC & SEM?
Stack Digital uses the term "paid ads" more frequently than other agencies. We don't use SEM (search engine marketing) as often because paid ads include so much more than search engine advertising. SEM typically means Google Adwords and Bing Ads. Paid ads includes Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, Pinterest, Instagram, Adwords, Taboola, Outbrain, Bing Ads and many other channels. We use the term "paid ads" to include any paid advertising from any of these sources.  PPC means "pay per click" and is how many of these channels charge you. However, there are other ways to bid (pay per 1000 impressions, etc.) so PPC isn't all-inclusive, either.
Does email marketing work?
Email is the highest revenue generating channel in marketing. Email marketing is often the forgotten child of digital marketing because it can be challenging for an agency to make a profit off you. Want to know why your SEO agency hasn't setup at least a basic list for you? It's not SEO-related. In a real, full stack marketing plan, email marketing plays a massive role. The money, as they say, is in the list. If you haven't started your list, start it today. If you need help, give us a call.
Stack Digital was founded on the belief that marketing doesn't have to be confusing, secretive or super hard. We want to partner with you to grow your business and help you.
If you have questions or concerns with Stack Digital or our employees please email us directly at - which goes directly to our MD.

What Our Clients Say:

Just wanted to say a big thank you for the hard work you put in on my seo building package. before you started, i was number 1,999,999 in the big google playing field. I never paid attention to any of this so never did any work to improve it,...
Tami C.Photographer
Wow! Matt thats amazing!! Thats just superb! I really couldnt ask for more its really appreciated. I am very, very pleased with all you have done and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to others.
Matt, I can’t believe the GREAT SEO results! I am so excited with them! I am moving up in the SEO world… thanks for a GREAT job.
WOW WOW WOW! That is fantastic! I am so pleased! Thank you so much for working so hard on my site. I really appreciate it and am so glad I hired you!! Awesome, thank you Matt!
Rachel A.
Holy s–t it’s at the top unreal. Man that is great!
Matt!!!!! I wish I could give you a big ole bear hug!!!!! What fantastic news!!!! THANK YOU!! OMG, Matt, I’m dying over here! I think that I’m on page 1 for “(removed) newborn photographer,” “(removed) family photographer,” and “(removed) child photographer!” This is major! Your SEO voodoo...
Dee photographer
Someone just booked the loft for a shoot tomorrow. I asked him how he found me and he said Google and then added, “you were at the top of the list”. My first booking from a Google search. Thank you!! :)
Richelle D.The Loft
I hired Matt to do some SEO for one of my business sites that hadn’t been receiving enough traffic for a long time. His knowledge of SEO is outstanding as is his thorough work ethic. I also like how he explains in 2nd-grader terminology what he is going to...
I can’t believe it! I am so happy with the investment. I hadn’t even checked lately since I figured it would take a while to update. I can’t believe it was that fast!!!!!!! I can’t wait to tell the other girls. Thanks again!!!! I enjoyed working with you...
Bree L.Small business owner
This is awesome Matt! I’m so thrilled! I was checking Google last night and saw that I was on page one a few times! WOOHOOO!!!
Happy? How about ECSTATIC?! no… wait… OVER JOYED?! No that isn’t right either… Matt. Words cannot describe how happy I am. Like I said. I want to have your babies. How’s that for devotion?! LOL!
Mike M.Previous client
Matt Antonino has an incredible knowledge of SEO. He is able to navigate the ever-changing “rules” in this field and still provide phenomenal results. I was “invisible” to Google at the beginning of the year, but now I’m on page one of several key searches. Also, his services are...
Sylvia B.Concert photographer
Thanks, Matt. You’re sort of awesome.
Laura M.
I’m glad it is taking off so quickly! I am seeing more and more hits and inquiries from Google. Awesome!! YOU are awesome, Matt.
Leah J.Small business owner
Matt is one of those rare individuals you can have confidence to get a job done right and on time. Whatever challenge presented with, he will give you a fast, honest and solution-oriented service, delivered with clear communication and supported by his ever evolving and up-to-date business and technical...

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