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Are you questioning your SEO results without getting answers? Do you trust your SEO provider? Do you want another SEO expert to take a second look at what they're doing? Or are you doing SEO on your own and just want to fix any problems and see if you're going in the right direction?  

We can help! 

What is an SEO Audit? 

Our technical SEO Audit is a review of your website and its backlinks against known and strongly correlated, widely known Google ranking factors. 

B​y fixing any technical issues with your website you can rank higher sooner. An audit uncovers these problems and tells you what they mean and how to fix them. 

Our SEO Audits cover topics such as you see in the graphic to the right but specifically focused on:

    • Crawlability (can Google read your site?)
    • Indexability (what do they see when they do crawl you?)
    • Rankability (is this page or domain likely to succeed?)
    • Link Development (are offpage factors affecting you?)
    • Information Architecture (how is your site built?)
professional SEO audit

seo ranking factors

What Do We Check?

Our SEO audits are all conducted using the research behind thousands of websites we have helped rank in Google and other search engines. We factor in more than 100 potential ranking factors including: 

  • Age of the domain
  • ​Title, meta description and meta keyword tags
  • Page speed and caching
  • Inbound & outbound links, internal links and shared hosting
  • Age & history of your domain
  • Content, images, & other resources
  • Panda, Penguin & other Google algorithms

Our main priority with any audit is to consider your website as a whole and to look at it as Google might see you. Are you doing things you think are necessary but are irrelevant? Is your SEO company generating thousands of spammy backlinks to you? Have you received a penalty? 

After examining thousands of websites and ranking over 99% of them, we are well aware of what it takes to rank sites in any niche whether you're a doctor, a photographer or sell your goods on an Etsy shop. 

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Samples of our past SEO Audits

Our SEO audits are not cookie-cutter analysis from a machine.

We hand-write every note on them and manually examine your website. While we use a few tools to speed up the process along the way, everything you read has been tailored to your business. 

We will include relevant links to resources, examples of the issues, and anything we think will help you improve your SEO.  We also break our feedback down into three segments: Issues we found, Google Guidelines and Suggested Changes.  

This way you know what we see, what Google says (or a link to the ranking factor in question) and then what changes will likely help you rank higher based on those issues. 

We will provide screenshots where necessary to illustrate our points. Above you can see a keyword has been used way too many times in the content and is likely to not rank as well as one with a more natural flow to the page.

An example of how we write this in your audit document may be: 

Issue found - Overuse of the keyword "X" in the content for some pages. (links to a few pages)

Google Guideline - Google wants you to write for the user but when content looks like this and "lights up like a Christmas tree" from overuse, that is likely to be seen as writing for Google, not the user.

Suggested Fix - Reduce the overall use of this keyword and replace it with synonyms, rewrite to be more for the user and less for Google. 

I'm sold ... let's get started!

Heard all you need to hear? Great, let's get started on fixing your website and getting you ranked higher on Google.

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SEO Auditing Tools

Most of what we do is manual, however sometimes it's easier (and better for you) for us to use a tool here & there. Our audits use widely accepted industry tools such as Moz, Screaming Frog, Ahrefs, Majestic, SEMRush, as well as Google's own Search Console and Google Analytics. 

Whenever relevant we also give you the output from these tools. The screenshot to the left is a comparison between our client (left) and their top competitor. As you can see, the competitor was beating them in every metric at the start of their campaign. Benchmarking like this is very helpful when starting a long-term campaign.

We also deliver full Screaming Frog site crawls and support documents for all our audits.

Backlink Audits

Among the most important stages of our audits is backlink analysis. If you have bought links, used overseas SEO providers, had the same domain for a long time or have other potential backlink issues, we will find them. 

We use three of the industry's best backlink tools to analyse your site including Ahrefs, Majestic and  

What are we looking for? Just a few items on our agenda include:

  • Overseas backlinks from Russia, India, Argentina, Romania & more ...
  • Backlink Networks (yours or from bought links)
  • Anchor text spam
  • Excessive or minimal backlinking in general
  • Referring domains on the same IP address
backlink audit

Still Not Convinced?

Our process is built on the work of our Marketing Director, Matt Antonino. He is the highest ranked Australia-based SEO on the member board and is near the top 10 on both Moz and, a leading industry news site. His contributions to these websites have been earned by both writing & sharing relevant content and answering SEO questions that other SEO professionals and small business owners are struggling with. 

This same process has been refined over many thousands of SEO audits including during his time at one of Australia's biggest SEO agencies taking care of the hardest to rank and "trouble" clients, achieving tremendous success in pulling struggling sites off the bottom and helping them achieve their goals. 

When Matt has some free time he blogs over at his own site, and on sites such as LinkedIn, SavvySME, and Kindred Mentor. He can be found on Twitter & Facebook, as well.

That's All We've Got!

By now you've seen what we do, how we do it, how it will help you and why you should trust us. If that isn't enough to convince you that you should sign up for our SEO audit, we're not sure what else to say! Start improving your SEO today by contacting us below and getting started.

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